JinSung T.E.C. Inc, previously Shinsaeng Industry, started as a small business in 355 square feet office. However, the tenacity and passion of the company to develop heavy equipment parts on our own was different from others. We disassembled the roller and seal in the market at that time to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of them. After four years of countless processes of "building and braking", we finally were designated as the specialized machinery plant for heavy construction equipment parts. In 1982 with the change to incorporation, we were reborn with a new company name, JinSung Industry, Inc. While moving to Osan City we built a cooperative

relation with Daewoo Heavy Industries (currently Doosan Infra Core) and started active production of heavy equipment parts, achieving outstanding feat of localization of rollers and idlers. With this experience, we expanded to the Southeast Asia in 1988, challenging the after market which was preoccupied by Japanese and Italian businesses.

After devotion to the development of independent technologies and manufacturing processes, JinSung Industry felt confident for the quality and price competitiveness and extensively advanced to the overseas market in the 1990s. Our technology was approved by HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY and Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi and registered as a part supplier. Based on the remarkable results with parts supply contract, in 1998 we achieved more than 10 million dollars of export for the fist time since foundation of the company. In particular, during this period we had great public favor such as selected 100 promising companies in Gyeongki-do in 1995, approval for capital goods industry Strategic Product business by the Department of Trade and Industry in 1995, and selected

promising small and medium business in 1999. We did not make a boast of it and continuously tried to improve the quality and obtained ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certifications in a low. It was a time for us to consolidate our foundation as the representative specialized business in the heavy equipment parts in Korea, recognized by the public. 1990s was the period for mighty leap in full swing, preparing a footing to develop to a global enterprise.

In January 2000, to secure an exclusive brand in the heavy equipment parts market and to create a future oriented corporate image we changed the company name to JinSung T.E.C. T.E.C. a combination of initials meaning Technology, Engineering and Consulting. It implies our intention to grow as the specialized business in the heavy construction equipment part based on the world class technology, engineering and consulting work to our clients. In the 2000s, we dashed into the rapid growth period based on the effort for quality improvement customer trust. Since 1997 after moving to Pyengtaeg Industrial Complex, JinSung T.E.C. made extensions and introduced new equipments each year. With completion of Plant No. 2, JinSung

establish a local corporation in China called "JINSUNG T.E.C.(YANTAI) CO.,LTD" building the full scale production system for rollers and idlers. In 2004 JinSung T.E.C. enforced R&D investments with the establishment of annexed institute of technology. With the steady increase of export, JinSung T.E.C. was awarded the company contributing to exports for 50 million dollars in 2005. Since 2001, we kept a high annual growth rate of 45% by 2006.

The explosive growth trend started in the early 2000s steadily continued after middle of the 2000s. We established additional local corporations in the United States and Japan and promptly responded to the continuous growth with the completion of the front idler exclusive Plant. In addition, we did all our best to reorganize the company 'New Start 2010 Movement' along with the extended business size, carrying out substantiality and management innovation for the world class enterprise. In 2009, we faced a critical crisis to sell seal business division since foundation of the company due to the aftermath of global financial crisis and the damage by the failure of the investment derivatives. However, with strategic decision making after return of chairman, Yoon Wooseok in 2010 and the participation

of all employees for the painful restructuring of the organization, we are about to achieve the record high performance since foundation not to mention the normalization of business management. JinSung T.E.C. wants to grows as the world's best "Total Undercarriage Solution Provider". For this, we are striving to enhance the price competitiveness and timely supply capability through the efficiency of production process including partners as well as quality improvements including continuous technology development.

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